So, the Olympics is upon us, or has been for a week or so.

After being bored rigid by the media hype for years, unending countdowns and whatever, the Olympics has turned out quite well.

I do like watching sport on the telly, but am not that keen on going to see sport live in person. What’s the point of spending hours getting there, then standing or sitting in the freezing cold, getting wet without a good view? When I was a lot, lot younger, I spent some time on First Aid duty at Silverstone and my recollections are of standing in the cold and wet, watching cars whiz by without knowing who was who. So, there was absolutely no chance of me actually trying to buy an Olympic ticket for any sport. This means that it didn’t matter that the Olympics are in London, they could be in┬áTimbuktu for all I care, as long as they are on the telly.

And, of course, they are on the telly, on two main channels and a host of red button channels. It is compulsive viewing, I must admit. I watched the kayaking, the beach volleyball, the rowing, some gymnastics and the athletics. Even my wife has been watching and she isn’t really into sport. Some of it annoys me, though. Focussing on individual members of Team GB when there are better athletes to watch, the jingoistic nature of some of the commentary, the fact that it is Team GB not Team UK (what about Northern Ireland?) and so on.

There haven’t been anywhere as near as many cockups as I expected. Showing South Korea’s flag against North Korea’s athletes was funny, but was also inexcusable from a programming/data point of view. The security debacle just shows that large companies often underbid for contracts then underdeliver or ask for more resources to fulfil their end of the deal. The transport system hasn’t gone into meltdown, which is a good thing.

I am particularly enjoying the success of Team GB at the moment. The Rowers and Cyclists have really done well, as have individuals from other teams. Winning 3 gold medals in the athletics was a turn up and made me very pleased. To be sitting third in the medals table is something I never expected to see in any Olympics. How much of that is home advantage, how much is the crowd and how much is the joined-up preparation, I don’t know. Clearly, the support the sportsmen/sportswomen have had in terms of funding, training and preparation has helped a lot.

So, well done everybody involved.

Part of me is thinking “I should have got a ticket and gone down”, but Nah!


Blog? What’s one of them?

I can’t really see the point of blogs. Somebody wittering on about what they are doing, what annoys them or what they like. Still, Yahoo provides an easy to use blog manager, so I thought “Why not?”.

My website contains roleplaying articles, but I don’t really have anywhere to put out news, my thoughts or other trivia that nobody would be interested in. So, I suppose I need a blog, in the same way that the Moon needs palm trees.

What is it going to contain? My thoughts, my feelings, if I want to share them, things about my life. I am by nature a private person, so I won’t be sharing everything, or even a lot, about my life, so don’t expect a rundown of my innermost thoughts.


Continuum 2102

Well, I went to Continuum 2012 a couple of weeks ago and, I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite being in sciatica-induced pain all weekend.


On Friday I played in the Pelorian Song Contest and managed to wander through it being awfully nice to everyone. The songs were truly awesome and the freeform was short but loads of fun.


On Saturday, I had plans to go to various seminars, but instead played three RPGs, HeroQuest, Toon and OpenQuest.

I hadn’t played Toon for well over 20 years and enjoyed playing Minkey, my banana-wielding monkey.

The OpenQuest scenario was interesting, but I can’t see why I would choose the system over RuneQuest.

The HeroQuest scenario was interesting as well, with the ending being narrated by the players, helped by a few rolls.

I wasn’t very sociable afterwards and retired to my bed.


On Sunday, I had planned to attend several seminars, but only managed the Maps one, due to intense pain.

I did have the questionable pleasure of being asked why I hadn’t vacated my room, due to an administrative mixup, but Darran Simms soon sorted this out, but it was irritating while is lasted.

However, the Maps Seminar was truly excellent, with more visual Gloranthan goodies that my poor brain could handle. I really cannot wait until these maps come out and must have them, no matter the cost. They really are that good.

In the afternoon, I helped to GM the Art of War Freeform, which was highly enjoyable. I now realise that freeform GMs are woefully unprepared and next time I need to prepare a sheet of all the plots, how they interact and what kind of things could come up. However, I will take one thing away from the game – the sound of Michelangelo saying “I am a genius” over and over and over again, especially in the masquerade ball “You don’t recognise me? But I am a genius!”.

The Auction was truly embarrassing, with very little on offer and very few bids. I remember auctions from the pas that were truly memorable, this one truly wasn’t.

For the first time attending conventions, I missed the closing ceremony as I admitted defeat and hobbled off to bed, but apparently I didn’t miss much.

Monday opened with breakfast, then finding my lift and packing up my stuff and hanging around saying goodbye to people.

Roll on next time. I might even make it to Eternalcon 2103 in Germany.